Women Fitness Kinetic Resistance Circle

Women Fitness Kinetic Resistance Circle - Enhance Fitness

Women Fitness Kinetic Resistance Circle

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It can be difficult to exercise enough to feel confident about your body. Professional Magic Ring, which helps you to make muscles stronger and burn fat easily, effectively and comfortably. It has also been shown to be effective in training pelvic muscles to reduce urinary losses.

ADVANTAGES: The Magic Excercise Ring is portable, ultra-light weight and compact, making it easy to put away after use. Don't spend any more unnecessary money on that expensive sports school subscription! Save money while you can effectively work yourself into sweat in your own familiar environment. Adds problem areas such as arms, abdomen, legs and thighs effectively, making them not only stronger but also thinner. Made of glass fibre with a rubber coating that makes the Ring flexible and of strong quality. No matter how often you train with it, the ring always springs back to its original form. Feel more beautiful, stronger and more confident than ever thanks to low-threshold training with the Magic Excercise Ring. Suitable for everyone!

HOW TO USE: The Magic Excercise Ring can be used in different ways Place the ring between the upper legs and apply force by pushing the legs as close as possible to each other. One of the other possibilities: hold the ring with both arms outstretched and push the arms as close to each other as possible.

Add resistance for upper and lower-body exercises—the Fitness Circle Pro improves muscle tone and is great for problem areas that are hard to firm up: inner and outer thighs, upper arms and chest.



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