Pilates Wheel for Beginners & Advanced

Pilates Wheel for Beginners & Advanced - Enhance Fitness

Pilates Wheel for Beginners & Advanced

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Whether you are a yoga beginner or you just want a little extra help to Improve Backbends, Bridge Pose, Dharma wheel will provide you the most comfortable, the most reliable and stable support.


  • Alleviate back and shoulder pain

  • Improve muscle and spine flexibility

  • Boost your balance, core and back strength

  • Stretch and release tension from your shoulders, chest, backside and back

  • Assist in yoga positions such as Back Bends, Crow, Crane, and Headstands

Say goodbye to slouch: Teenagers, white collar workers and other sedentary groups are vulnerable to poor sitting position which might lead to slouch. Using yoga wheel plus can help with posture and poor sitting position.

Assist yoga poses: Yoga wheel pink can help with yoga positions such as back bends, and protects your joint from injury.

Flexibility and balance: Yoga circle ring can take yoga into another level by improving your flexibility, balance and posture and making you look elegant.

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